Questões à volta do TAMIFLU

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Tomar ou não tomar, eis a questão! :-|

"PETER CAVE: Medical researchers in Japan have released a study which suggests that the anti-flu drug Tamiflu may not be the saviour that it's been painted. They say that it increases what's referred to as 'abnormal behaviour' in young people who take the drug.

Tamiflu is used to treat various types of influenza and governments around the world have amassed enormous stockpiles of it just in case of a pandemic of bird flu.

For now though, the only country which sees Tamiflu prescribed on a regular basis for the flu is Japan, where there have been reports of children going so far as trying to jump from balconies after taking the drug over there.

But the World Health Organisation says the findings of the latest study are far from conclusive and there needs to be more research into the area. [...]" (ABC.net | ranscript from The World Today. You can also listen to the story in REAL AUDIO and WINDOWS MEDIA and MP3 formats.)

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